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About Project

This project will be solely for the Elrond community and will reward them for playing games rather than wasting time on these games. As the name suggests, DICE will focus on building games that use Dice 😊

DICE is a project that will reward its users by not only helping them enjoy with friends but also rewarding them when they win 😊.

With DICE, not only the one who wins is rewarded but the ones who are not much into the game but still hold DICE will get a share of the pie 😉.

  • DICE wants users to get accustomed to age old game of ludo, and start earning money with it.
  • People can get a taste of our game and earn $DICE
  • Our rewards mechanisms will virtually enable people to play games (and earn big if they win 😊) without even putting money in the system
  • In each game, 50% of the players will win.
  • Our free rewards will ensure that there is a perpetual income stream to $DICE holders.

Our First Game - Ludo

Introducing $DICE

$DICE will be native token of our platform. It is a fixed supply token with total supply cap of 10 billion $DICE. Users will be able to play games using $DICE or $EGLD. Initially, users will be able to buy $DICE via our presale events. These presale events will help us understand community interest and help to create a game which has as simple and fluid UI as Elrond community expects.

Bootstraping Phase

Apart from Presale events, $DICE will be distributed during marketing activities to more than 10,000 users. Once our first game is launched, we will do bootstrapping where we will reward each person who downloads our app/registers on our website with some $DICE. Users will be given unique ID based on their herotags/EGLD wallet addresses. Additionally, to encourage people to play games, we will increase the reward for the ones winning the game during first 3 months of game launch. Details of this will be shared once we reach that phase of the project.

All these people who got $DICE rewards can then get a flavor of how this platform and game works.

Presales Info

Presales Information

IDO Details

Date & Time: 04/22, 13:00 UTC

Location: @JEXchange

Getting in Early matters !!!

Get in before the millions do.

Our reward mechanism ensures that those who buy in presale might not have to buy $DICE again. The rewards of holding $DICE will be enough to play and earn in our games. Price appreciation will be the cherry on the cake 😊


Roadmap for the Project



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